Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is Your Mic Still On?

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I was inspired by hearing about Gordon Brown the other day
to make this funny flow chart for politicians on when to be candid:

Saying something honest when not knowing the mic is still on is a new classic way to screw up and actually be honest. What does this say about politics, well nothing we don't know I guess, it says the only time we can really believe what a politician says is when they think no one is listening, or at least it's still that way at the moment.
I'm predicting it right now, some enterprising politicians out there will start to turn "the mic accidentally still on" on it's head by purposely leaving it on and using it to their advantage to seem genuine. I'll give you a scenario, a politician has a conversation with a man who's lost his job and is struggling, after, he walks away and has a conversation with his adviser, "see that man, that's who we're fighting for, we need to help him,...Oh my mic is still on". Can you picture it? I can.

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