Friday, April 30, 2010

Desk Job

I'm constantly tinkering with my desk, most of the time I try and reduce down, but sometimes I add things.
Anyway I felt like taking some photos of the old gal today.

Yes that's one of those cheap Ikea desks. 

I just rescued this guy this past weekend, I only have one so it's not functional. And I probably only have it 'cause I've been looking at
Scott Hansen's blog too much recently. It feels really nice and solid though, the colors are period appropriate brown bronze tan & silver. 

Left to right, External hard drive, poop, Eiffel tower, Just added a head phone hook on the side of my desk the other day; I find it makes the
headphones last longer and is less annoying then always untangling; Bookend I made from a license plate, with a few choice books. 

Josephine Baker coaster, I didn't know who she was till I looked her up the other day, pretty interesting woman. 

Arrow prototype from my BAM days.

Left: Headphones are always close by, Right: Kodak light meter (I can't figure out if it works but I like it anyway) and statue from Thailand.

My Mighty Mac on top Blue Note record cover book. 

Space man sitting in a little geodesic dome thing I folded up the other day, Obama presidential run Memorabilia. 

A Caspar David Friedrich painting of polar ice makes for current monitor background, and I swear, I had a 2/3s less the shortcuts on
my desktop just a week ago! (for the really observant, Magic Johnson is there to motivate me, as I'm more of a Larry Bird character,
and I recently read their book detailing their rivalry)

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