Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nomad (1982)

Nomad is a HK New Wave film starring Leslie Cheung, Cecilia Yip—others, and directed by Patrick Tam. My wife and I randomly watched it the other night, (it's on youtube) and I was pretty impressed with it. It's a very slow moving film that's very heavy on foreshadowing, beautifully shot, and visually composed. Being a New Wave film there is also a fair amount of sex, humor and youthful aimlessness, enough so the lack of English subtitles can be overcome. One interesting aspect that seems relevant given the recent anti-Japan protests in China, is the fact the film was made "in a response to an obsession by youth of all things Japanese" at least according to this review. I won't spoil the ending, but suffice to say much like protests can be, the film's end is punctuated by violence. Here are some shots from the film:

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