Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cloudy, Chance of Piano

Hello everyone I've got a new mix for you entitled Cloud Cover: tracks for overcast days. It's a lot of chilled out beats, very heavy on the piano and one slower paced hip-hop track.

Here's a skipping around preview to give you an idea:

The 11 tracks are set for gapless playback in Itunes to play smoothly, while still leaving the option of handling the individual tracks how you want.
The artist names and track titles can be found in the artwork of each track (just click the little arrow in the artwork viewer)

I really love making pixelated gifs with pattern dither, and blowing them up twice as big so you can see the gritty details, and that's how I created the artwork for these, here's the cover, back cover and a few track images:

Take a listen and Let me know what you think! Click here to download.

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