Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hey EU

This is my entry into a contest for a new symbol/flag for Europe. The design is not actually going to replace the existing flag but "12 Submissions will be selected by an international jury and will be printed on flags. These flags will be shown during the first edition of Design and Government in 2010 in Den Haag and Berlin." which is pretty cool, and I felt left the door open for some fun ideas. I really wanted to make something a little unexpected and not as serious and plain as what we already have in the world. That said I still wanted to keep it relatively simple. Anyway here are the key points of my concept:
1. The three overlapping circles abstractly bring to mind the
most geographically recognizable part of Europe.

2. The outer circle can either represent the changing EU boarders and represents the possibility of growth, or simply a larger sphere of connection that extends beyond geographical boundaries with the world as a whole, through trade, culture, aid, design! family and friends.
3. The overlapping colors represent the diverse spectrum of peoples, cultures, languages, history, ideas, and interconnectedness that is Europe. Also since The EU you is relatively young, the bright colors represent the youthful vibrancy of the future.

4. Lower case “e” was chosen as for a friendly and youthful feel. The typeface is Avenir, French for “future,” and was designed by Adrian Frutiger. (Plus the Euro currency symbol already establishes a lower case e as representative of Europe)

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